Javier E. Villegas

Physicist at CNRS-Thales Lab, France

Featuring in Physical Review Materials

Our new paper on superconductor/ferroelectric heterostructures just appeared in  Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 084405 (2018). Ferroelectric field-effect doping has emerged as a powerful approach to manipulate the ground state of … Continue reading

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Featuring in Nature Physics

Our work on superconducting proximity effects in graphene/cuprate junctions just appeared in Nature Physics. In this paper, we show how to fabricate junction devices in which the leakage of superconducting … Continue reading

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New team member

Dr. Salvatore Mesoraca has joined the team just after graduating at the University of Cambridge,  where he got his PhD in the group of Prof Marc Blamire working on oxide … Continue reading

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David Perconte’s PhD

David Perconte defended his PhD thesis”Proximity effect between a high temperature superconductor and graphene” in front of the evaluation committee composed by A. Buzdin (Université de Bordeaux),  B. Plaçais (ENS), … Continue reading

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New Group Member

Dr. Sophie D’Ambrosio as jointed the team to work in superconductor/ferromagnet planar nano-devices. Sophie got a Phd in Physics in Université Aix-Marseille, working on magnetic properties of diluted semiconductors with … Continue reading

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COST action

We have started a new COST action entitles “Nanoscale Coherent Hybrid devices for superconducting quantum technologies”, supported by H2020. The action is chaired by Prof. H. Suderow (Universidad Autónoma de … Continue reading

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New Group Member

Ralph El Hage has started his PhD on photoinduced effects in superconductor/strongly correlated oxide junctions. Prior to joining the team, Ralph got a Nanomat Master at UPMC (Paris) and a … Continue reading

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Visiting scholar

David Sánchez, a PhD student in the group of Jacobo Santamaría at the Univerisity Complutense of Madrid, will spend the next few months in the lab conducting magneto-transport and magnetization … Continue reading

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Featuring in Physical Review Applied

Our most recent work on ferroelectric/superconductor hybrids,  “High-Temperature-Superconducting Weak Link Defined by the Ferroelectric Field Effect” just appeared in Phys. Rev. Applied 7, 064015 (2017). Josephson junctions are the cornerstones … Continue reading

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Laura Bégon-Lours’ PhD

Laura defended his PhD thesis entitled “Ferroelectric Field-Effects in High-Tc Superconducting Devices”  in front of a committee composed by Prof. Kathrin Dörr (Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany), Prof. Benjamín … Continue reading

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