Javier E. Villegas

Physicist at CNRS-Thales Lab, France

Nature Physics cover

Our  paper Nature Physics 8, 539 (2012) is on the cover of the July issue of the journal.J. E. Villegas, triplet, Nature Physics

The penetration of a superconducting current from a superconductor into a half-metallic ferromagnet is usually forbidden. In this study, we found resonances in the conductance spectra of superconductor/half-metal heterostructures that suggest the occurrence of an unconventional equal-spin Andreev reflection, which allows for the generation and propagation of high-temperature superconducting correlations into the half-metal. This mechanism may open the door to novel spintronic devices.

This work is the result of a long-lasting collaboration with the group of Jacobo Santamaría at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.You can learn more about this research in here.


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